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Game modifications
Learning area:Health and physical educationLevel: Years 5 and 6

Annotated worksamples

Task description

Students will participate in modified games sessions and, using the provided worksheet, reflect on the games from two aspects: positive health implications and safety issues. Their assessment task will be to create a Sport Health and Safety brochure, outlining health and safety guidelines for selected games.

The success criteria for the completed assessment task are:

  • a knowledge of general health benefits achievable from participation in specific games
  • ability to identify modifications to enhance the level of participation in physical activity
  • ability to identify appropriate modifications to improve game safety
  • appropriate use of language features
  • ability to use presentation skills to produce an effective, informative brochure.

Task conditions

This task was produced under the following conditions:

  • in class
  • individually
Click on one of the images below to view an interactive student work sample including annotations.
Worksample 1
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Worksample 2
4 pages
Worksample 3
5 pages