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Game modifications
Learning area:Health and physical educationLevel: Years 5 and 6

Formative action

Using assessment to improve student learning

The information gained about student skills, knowledge and understanding can be used by teachers to shape future learning and teaching. Teachers could use the diagnostic grid (doc,16kb) could be used by teachers to record students' performance on each of the expected qualities to obtain a snapshot of those areas in which students will need further instruction. The teaching and learning activities that follow the grid are also related to each of the expected qualities and suggest some ways in which teachers could consolidate or extend student performance. Click here (doc,17kb) to view how the grid might be completed.

Teaching and learning activities

Knowledge of general health benefits achievable from participation in specific sports

  1. If students performed at a low level on this aspect of the task, provide them with magazines and newspapers to cut out pictures of people participating in physical activities and ask them to paste these onto a large piece of paper. Have students write underneath each picture how this activity may benefit people's overall health and wellbeing. Encourage students to consider if the activity influences people to be active and interact with others.
    Make a class list of the activities that students have identified in the pictures. Have students discuss how these activities may benefit the different categories of health. Have students write the headings Physical, Emotional, Social and Mental Health and then list any benefits that may have derived from participation in each activity.
  2. If students performed at a high level on this aspect of the task, have them select a sport in which they have had little or no involvement. Give them the opportunity to research the sport or activity and design a pamphlet advising others of the potential health benefits of participation. Health benefits should relate to all categories of health, including the following categories:
    • physical (fitness and components)
    • social
    • emotional

Identification of appropriate modifications to promote physical activity

  1. If students performed at a low level on this aspect of the task, reinforce the importance of regular moderate physical activity to promote health-related fitness. Have students consider their favourite physical activity and whether it provides them with an opportunity to move regularly at a moderate level. If not, what changes could be made to promote physical activity while maintaining safety? Ask students to brainstorm a number of modifications to promote physical activity in the game of kick ball. Remind them that any changes to the game must be safe.
  2. If students performed well on this aspect of the task, ask them to list all the changes that could be made to the rules, equipment and environment of a specific game (eg lawn bowls) in order to increase regular moderate physical activity and maintain safety. Have students create a table and/or draw diagrams to show these changes.

Identification of appropriate strategies to improve game safety

  1. If students performed at a low level on this aspect of the task, provide opportunities for them to research and outline a safety rule essential to the game of cricket and describe how this rule promotes game safety. Students can then develop their own rule that will improve overall game safety.
    Students could then consider the game of hockey and identify the essential safety equipment before suggesting how they might change any of the other equipment, such as the ball or the sticks, in order to improve game safety.
  2. If students have performed at a high level on this aspect of the task, have them consider the importance of the physical environment (ie their surroundings) and equipment required when participating in rollerblading. Have students list what they would check for and the equipment that they would use to promote their safety if participating in rollerblading. Ask students to design and draw their own piece of safety equipment that might make rollerblading a safer activity.

Appropriate use of language features and presentation skills

Pair lower-performing students with students who have performed at a high level on this task. Tell the higher performing students that they are the editors who are working with the designers to develop their product to a publishable standard. The editor's task is to proofread the brochure and discuss necessary amendments with the designer and to plan an alternative and more efficient way of presenting information. Ask the designers to explain orally what they learnt as a result of their consultation with the editors.