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Game modifications
Learning area:Health and physical educationLevel: Years 5 and 6


Prior teaching and learning

For this task, students should have an understanding of:

  • how physical activity can benefit overall health (including the physical, social, emotional and mental health categories)
  • game rules in general
  • how modifications to a game can increase the level of participation and/or improve game safety
  • how to use the conventions of written language – sentence structure, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation – to make meaning.

In addition, students should have experience of:

  • working collaboratively in groups
  • developing modifications to games
  • participating in modified games, preferably the games to be played within the assessment task
  • demonstrating the required motor skills
  • umpiring a game, depending on the teacher's preferred class organisation.

Teacher preparation

Download, read and photocopy the following resource material:

Student resources

Teacher resources:

Teachers might find it helpful to examine an annotated worksample for the task. They could also share this with students as a model or examplar to help them better understand the success criteria. Further information about worksamples and how to use them can be found at this link.

Preparing students for the task

Students need to be informed that:

  • in sessions 1 to 3, they will participate in three different games
  • the initial game rules will be decided as a class
  • they will be put into teams to play each game
  • they will participate in the game and then be involved in a group discussion on how to modify the game to improve physical activity and safety for all
  • as a group they will recommence the game, implementing one of the modifications
  • they will complete their own student worksheet at the end of each session, detailing both their group and own ideas
  • in sessions 4 and 5, they will use their student worksheet to begin developing a Sport Health and Safety brochure. (doc,14kb)

Provide students with an opportunity to examine the Student rubric for game modifications task (doc,39kb) so that they are aware of the criteria against which they will be assessed.

Introduce students to health and safety in sport. Discuss how participation in sport benefits overall health, which also includes the concept of safe participation.

Allocate the games to be played and draw up a list of rules for each game in consultation with the class.

After each game is played, allow the groups time for discussion. Encourage students to consider how changes to rules, equipment and the environment may enhance the game from an increased activity and safety perspective.

After the groups have decided on a modification to their game, ask them to play another round in order to implement it.

Repeat this procedure until all students have had an opportunity to play each of the games.

Allow students the opportunity to add information to their worksheet after they have participated in and discussed each of the games.