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Learning area:ScienceLevel: Years 3 and 4

Annotated worksamples

Task description

Students show their understanding of energy in relation to familiar appliances and items that are used in the home and immediate surroundings. They work out the forms of the energy in use. Students observe, describe, record and look for patterns of use. They apply their understandings in the preparation of a report, in the form of a brochure, a series of annotated drawings or a poster, and suggest ways in which their household could better use energy. They include simple explanations of why this is important.

The success criteria for the completed assessment task are:

  • knowledge and understanding of some of the physical science concepts related to energy
  • ability to collect, organise and make sense of information relating to their investigation
  • ability to apply their science understandings to their daily lives
  • communication of understandings in different ways.

Task conditions

This task was produced under the following conditions:

  • in class
  • individually
  • with teacher feedback
Click on one of the images below to view an interactive student work sample including annotations.
Worksample 1
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Worksample 2
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Worksample 3
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